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"Clare is a lovely person who my four year old took to immediately. Clare brought lots of fun games to lessons, which my daughter loved to play, and so she was hardly aware of the hard work which she did on her sounds.

Under Clare's expert guidance for twelve weeks my daughter's speech improved dramatically, improving her confidence at school and interaction with her peers.

Clare visited our home every Saturday and on completion of every block of lessons provided thorough written reports as to the progress my daughter was making.

Lessons were expertly prepared and worksheets provided so that practice could continue at home and at school throughout the week.

I would thoroughly recommend Clare Butler to anyone who is thinking of speech therapy for their child."

Mrs C, child has speech sound difficulties

"Having a child with speech difficulties can be very worrying and families often don't know where to turn for fear of being told that there is something "wrong" with their child. We initially hesitated to ask for help but we are so glad that we did. We had some tough times with the NHS and an incorrect diagnosis but Clare supported us through that. She has worked with us since our boy was 2 ½ when he was struggling to babble and make the usual sounds which you would expect from a 2 year old. 3 years on – his speech is not perfect but the improvement is phenomenal and we owe that to Clare and her patience and dedication.

Clare has supported us through our son starting nursery and primary school and has worked with his key workers and teachers. She regularly attends our son's school where she works with him and ensures that his teachers are supporting him in his speech throughout his lessons. We are not always in the school sessions but always know that Clare will feedback to us how the session went. We then hold regular sessions at home. We know that our son is therefore supported by us in the home but also by his teachers at the school.

Clare is also always able to tailor the session to the child's abilities and in particular their level of concentration. She always has a huge bag of games and books which our son loves to rifle though.

We can't recommend Clare enough and are very grateful for the work which she has done and is continuing to do with our son. It has been a journey but our son now has the full repertoire of sounds and we can see a time in the near future where his speech issues will only be in our memories. "

Son with social communication difficulties

"I had searched for speech therapist on Google and came across Clare and it was the best decision I had made to call her.

My son had social communication disorder and when Clare came she was the only person to be honest and informative enough and was absolutely spot on with her assessment to say my son was showing signs of autism.

Thanks to her honesty and experience my son had cut all corners for unnecessary assessment and appointments and got him the exact help he needed. I couldn't thank her enough I would definitely recommend her to anyone. Thanks clare for everything. "

Son with social communication difficulties

"Clare has been a vital link to our family, providing a sound assessment of our son's situation and giving us clear goals and practical plans to further his development.

Our son's attention span can be short, and a home based learning environment has been ideal. Clare has been an expert at understanding what motivates him and how to 'persuade' him to do the best he can.

Clare has interacted with pre-school, NHS speech and language and primary school on our behalf. It is ideal having someone to liaise with all these different agencies for us, by someone who understands the 'workings' of what can sometimes be a challenging system.

Our son looks forward to Clare arriving on a Saturday morning. She has a friendly but professional manner with everyone in our house and we would highly recommend her services to anyone that asked."

Mrs B, child has receptive and expressive language difficulties

"We were referred to Clare about our 4 year olds speech problems as she has always had trouble with some letters/words.

Clare performed an initial assessment and was able to explain the problem and how she would work with our daughter to correct them.

We had a weekly session with Clare for 6 weeks and she also gave us support/material to do follow up work at home. Clare even visited her teachers so that they could reinforce the lessons at school.

Izzy really enjoyed the lessons with Clare (the games helped make it fun) and we saw amazing progress over the 6 weeks. Thanks Clare. "

Mother of 4 year old with speech sound difficulties

"Clare continues to greatly assist our son's speech and language development and I have no hesitation in providing a recommendation.

Clare has forged a fantastic rapport with him which has enabled him to both engage and digest Clare's expert advice and assistance developing his improved attention, listening and social interaction, general vocabulary, expressive and receptive language and speech sounds. So much so that he often reverses the role to play teacher to his younger sibling after his own sessions!

He has also greatly benefitted from weekly "homework" and areas to improve on, as well as summary reports of development following each block of sessions."

Mrs C, child has speech sound difficulties